Monday, June 15, 2015

Add metadata to a link in a document library - SharePoint 2013

A user wanted to add a link to another document to a document library.  However, the user had views set up based on metadata, but when you add the Link to Document content type in the library, it doesn't allow you to add metadata to it by default.  Which, in this case, made it unusable if it couldn't be shown in the right view.

You can add your document library columns (metadata) to the content type in your document library.  This affects only the single document library.  There are solutions that suggest adding these columns to the site content type, but this is too broad of a change.

Steps to take:

There are two steps to making a link in a document library.

11. Add content type to library
·         Go into your document library settings.  (Library -> Library Settings)
·         Click on Advanced settings, then change Allow management of content types to Yes.
·         In between General Settings and Columns, there is now a new section called Content Types.  Click on Add from existing content types.
·         Highlight Link to a Document, then click on Add >.  Click on OK.
2 2. Add your columns to the content type (so you can assign values to the columns when you add a link)
·         Under Content Types on your settings page, you should now see at least two content types – Document and Link to a Document.  Click on Link to a Document.
·         Under Columns, click on Add from existing site or list columns.
·         Change the drop-down to List Columns (if it isn’t selected already)
·         Highlight the columns you would like to be able to use on the link and then click on Add >.  Click on OK.

After doing this, when you create a new column, there will be a check-box (checked by default) that adds it to the content type automatically, so future metadata you set up will automatically be available to the link content type.

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