Monday, October 20, 2014

SharePoint Designer Error when Opening a Workflow: Unable to load workflow actions from the server. Please contact your server administrator

When trying to load a SharePoint 2010 workflow using SharePoint Designer 2010, an error message appears: "Unable to load workflow actions from the server.  Please contact your server administrator."

A feature was missing on some of the SharePoint servers.

I ran a fiddler trace to find out what the issue was.  I got a code 74 in Fiddler, then saw what it was looking for.

Then, I logged on the each of our SharePoint servers and found that on half of them (I have 6), the Powerview folder was missing from the C:\Program Files\CommonFiles\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\Template\Features folder.  I copied the entire Powerview folder from a server that had it to the servers that didn't.  Then, I did an IIS reset on all servers in the farm (although I suspect it would only need to be done on the servers where the files were missing).

I re-opened SPD and opened the workflow without issues.

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