Thursday, June 19, 2014

Remote Desktop Connection Manager: Error 3334 after trying to connect to a server

When opening anywhere between 5 and 9 remote sessions in Remote Desktop Connection Manager, opening another session gives an error with a code of 3334.  I was remoting from a Windows 7 machine to Windows Server 2012.  I don't experience the issue while  remoting into Windows Server 2008 machines.

This fixed it for me:
  1. On the system where you run RDCMan, Run "dcomcnfg.exe"
  2. Expand Component Services, My Computer, Distributed Transaction Coordinator.
  3. Right click on "Local DTC" and select properties.
  4. Click the "Security" tab
  5. Check the "Network DTC Access" box.
  6. Under "Transaction Manager Communication", select the "No Authentication Required" radio button.
Run this on the computer where you have RDCM installed.

Source: This Microsoft forum.

Update:  This fix only worked for me for a short time, then the same errors kept popping up.  I am now hearing rumors that there is just a bug in the RDCM and Microsoft has yet to release the new version.  Apparently, there IS a new version that we have spied Microsoft employees using, though.  I guess we just wait...

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