Tuesday, October 15, 2013

SharePoint 2013 Won't Load in IE8

When a user goes to a SharePoint 2013 site, the page partially loads, then the "Working on it" wheel appears.  The page never fully loads.

This is an IE8 issue.  Ideally, you would have the user upgrade to a more recent browser version.  However, since that is not always possible, you can change some settings in IE that will allow the user to load the page.  There will still be other functionality that doesn't work (like drag and drop into document libraries,for example), but the change will solve this particular problem.

Internet Explorer 8, the following setting has to be activated for correct browsing of sites where the Minimal Download Strategy feature is activated
  • Go to the Internet Explorer menu, choose Tools, then Internet Options
  • Go to the last tab : “Advanced”
  • Scroll down to the “Security” group of settings
  • Ensure that “Enable native XMLHTTP support” setting is checked
When this setting is unchecked on IE8, the "Working on it" wheel stays forever.


  1. I can't enable XMLHTTP native support because another software i have, need this support disabled to work. There are another solution / Workaround for this? I'm sorry for my english, hope you understand my explanation....

    1. It is always difficult to have legacy applications around... one other solution that we tried is installing the IE8 version only in citrix so that it is virtual and people can have any version installed on their own machine. Or you could install another browser and use SharePoint with that. SharePoint 2013 has great multi-browser support.

    2. ...and your English is great. :) Far better than my Italian.