Monday, October 14, 2013

SharePoint 2013 Upgraded Sites Missing Title on Home Page

After a database upgrade of a 2007 site to 2013 (with the obligatory pitstop in 2010), the page titles of sites don't appear.  On sites created in 2013, the title appears at the top of the Home page and it is clickable.  Nothing appears on an upgraded site and there doesn't seem to be a way to edit the page to get it there like you can on 2007 pages.

You notice that sites that were created in 2013 have a sitepages library, but you can't find a template to create that app on your migrated sites.

The new home page in 2013 is not exactly a web part page - instead it is has rich content areas.  It has more in common with a Wiki page than the old style Web part pages.  You can still create the Web part pages of yore, but it is hidden in the Site pages library.  There is no way to manually create the sitepages library, but that is as designed.

Make a new page after the site is upgraded.  They system creates the sitepages library for you in the process.
Site Actions -> Add a page. When you click on this for the first time, there is a pop-up:

I named the page default, then clicked on Create.  For a short time, the title on the page will be default, but it will change later.

From here you can do two things.  One is change the page layout:
 And the other is make it the home page:

When you click on that, it will give you warning that you cannot navigate to the original page once you change it.  Click on OK.  The title of the page will now be updated to what is in the Site Settings.


  1. Hi Cherie,

    Thanks for posting this. I just migrated from 2007 to 2013 and now have over 120 sites with no titles. I tried your suggestion on one site, and yes, once I create the Default page and made it Homepage, I do see the title on that new page. I'm not sure what I do next: do I now need to copy all web parts and content from the old site to the new page?


    1. Hi Richard - that is a great question... in my case, I made the changes only on a few sites where the users noticed it. Then, I made a self-help tutorial for other users to follow. Although I can see the argument that this isn't a user-caused issue, so fixing it for them is better, I found that most users didn't notice or didn't care. That being said, I would hope that there is some more automated way of accomplishing it... I just never looked into it. I'd love to know if you find something.