Tuesday, July 2, 2013

SharePoint 2013 and InfoPath: Set Different Views for Display and New item

If you would like different views for New (and Edit) and Display item you can set those values in InfoPath when creating the custom form. 

For example, I have a custom list that serves as a request form.  The manager has to approve the request, so I have a workflow that gets the manager of the person who needs the item (who is not necessarily the person who is submitting the request).  I then query LDAP to find the manager and store that in a field in the custom list.  So, when users fill out the form, the field is not there.  When they view the item, I would like them to be able to see it.

  • Open the SharePoint item form with InfoPath (on the list ribbon, click on Customize Form)
  • Click on the Page Design tab in InfoPath, then choose the new View button.

  • Give the view a name, then click on OK. 
  • Make any changes you would like to the form.  In my case, I added back in the Manager field so that it can be viewed.
  • Click on the File tab in InfoPath and choose Form Options.
  • In the Display View section, choose the view you just made in the drop-down.

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