Wednesday, June 26, 2013

SharePoint 2013: Task link missing on My Site

You have installed the Work Management Service without issue, but you don't see the Task link on your My Site.  You have given all the permissions you need to and get no errors in any trace logs or in the event viewers.  Still, there is no link appearing.  You see this:

From all of the blogs and technet articles, you should see the Tasks link in the left hand navigation. But you don't.  You have looked at site features, site collection features and Content Rollup Web parts... the Task link is not appearing and there isn't a way to add it.  You have looked through the navigation... nada.

User error.  The image above is the My Site landing page, which belongs to the My Site Host site collection.  The Task link is on the user's actual personal site collection.  That is a different URL and belongs to a different site.

 Go to the user's personal pages.  I haven't found a graceful way to get there... (which seems like  a different question and different post).  If you click on the "Apps" link on the My Site landing page, it gets you to your personal site.  (If you find a better way, then let me know in the comments - this way seems awkward) Then, the task list will be there:
Update:  I changed the Master page to MySite15 and it has the Tasks link on the My Site host.  It also has the picture from your personal site in the upper left.  Problem solved.

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  1. Wonderful, I found your post after 1 hour of googling and shortly before giving up. We are using Office365 and I thought this Feature was somehow missing. Problem solved, thanks!

    PS: Before you are able to change the master page you need to turn on the SharePoint site Publishing Feature.