Friday, June 14, 2013

SharePoint 2013: People Search Not Working

No people show up in the people search.  You have a working search service application that pull up content, you have successfully imported profiles, but when you search for people - nothing.

For me, it was that the default content access account did not have correct permissions set in the My Site service application.  It was also that I didn't tell the search content sources that there was a MySite.  I also added a crawl rule, but I suspect this was overkill and would have worked with the first two steps.

1. Set the permissions for the search crawler to Retrieve People Data. Go into Application Management -> Manage Service Applications page.  Highlight the User Profile Service Application line.  In the ribbon, click on Administrators.  Add the Default content access account (check what it is on the front page of the Search Administration page) and make sure that Retrieve People Data for Search Crawlers is checked.  Click on OK.

2. Make sure you type the sps3://hostname into the content sources.  This tells the search that this is not just content - it is a My Site service app.  If you don't add it, but just list the URL of the MySite Host, the crawler will crawl the content, but not the profiles.

I listed three content sources on mine:

3. Create a crawl rule.  Go to Search Administration -> Crawl Rules -> Add Crawl Rule.
In the Path box, type sps3://<hostname>, where <hostname> is the URL for the Web application where you deployed the My Sites site collection.

Do a full crawl.

There are other configuration setting to follow, as well.  I found this page to be useful: 


  1. Thanks for a great article. Note that if your My Sites require SSL you should use sps3s:// instead of sps3://

  2. Nice Cherie, thanks.

    I got to the page you mention at the end of your post already but with skim reading didn't notice the URI was SPS3://

    The article you mention states:
    When you configure My Sites, the starting URL to crawl the profile store (sps3://) is automatically added to the default content source.

    In my case, only the HTTP handler was added which is why People search wasn't working. The SPS3:// URI scheme seems to be the key here.

  3. Your a star thanks for the great tip.


  4. Thanks for sharing. In my environment, only step 1 and 2 are necessary, fyi.

    1. Good to know. I frequently like overkill....this is no exception. Good to know I could have done less. :)

  5. Great article! I was missing the SPS3 address for my mysite. Once I entered that and did a full crawl I was golden!

    Thank you for taking the time to do the guide!

  6. Thank you! I looked all over for a fix for this problem, and you had it spot on!

  7. Whoa.... you're a life saver. I spend the whole of yesterday trying to fix the people search. All I was missing was the crawl rule. Thanks a lot for writing this guide!