Tuesday, June 25, 2013

SharePoint 2013: Can't open Office Documents in IE

After uploading a document into SharePoint 2013, some users can't open it if they are using IE.  If the library is configured to open in the browser, you get this:
and then "The webpage cannot be displayed"

 for excel documents, you get this:
"ms-excel:ofv|u|http://sharepoint/sites/sitename... "

If you have the library configured to open in the native application, it just hangs and at the top of the tab, the word "ieframe.dll" is displayed.  It never opens.

More than one version of at least one Office product is installed on the user's machine.As usual, this causes problems with SharePoint

Temporary workaround: if you right-click on the document and choose "open in new tab", it will open in the appropriate Office application.
Also, other browsers work fine.  Switch to Firefox and it works great.

Real Solution:
I got on the right track for solving this when I stumbled upon this blog post showing the problem of installing Project Professional 2013:

Basically, he changed the installation of Project so that it didn't include a SharePoint connector and although that worked for the author, I did not have Project installed.  But I do have Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2013 installed.  It installed a 15 folder in my Microsoft Office folder under Programs.

I tried to change the installation of SharePoint Designer like the blog suggested and found that there were no settings like the ones for Project.  I could repair, repair online or uninstall.  I uninstalled, restarted the computer, found that the 15 folder had been deleted and things worked after that.

For the future, I'll research how to have SharePoint Designer 2013 and the ability to open Office Documents, but for now I'll move SharePoint Designer to a development server and keep it off of my user machine.  Not great, but it works for now.

Here is a link to the fix: 

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