Tuesday, June 4, 2013

IE Freezes When Opening Documents from SharePoint

When opening office documents from SharePoint document libraries, IE 8 freezes and the document doesn't open.  IE has to be stopped by using Task Manager.  This instance was using SharePoint 2007, Word 2010, IE 8 and Windows 7.

There is an issue with the way the operating system installed.

Run Microsoft Office Diagnostics. This post explains more:

After you run MS Office Diagnostics, some issues are resolved, but not all.  I also went into the settings for Internet Explorer and reset everything to default.
It is possible that just doing the IE reset would have solved it, but I did both, so it may have been a combination.


  1. I was unable to run any Microsoft Office Diagnostics tools and so reset my IE8 settings to default. This resolved my issue.

    1. Hi Wyatt - Thanks for sharing! Good to know.

  2. I just did a IE8 settings reset and it fixed the problem thank you!!!! I've spent an hour trying to figure out what was the problem. Glad it was such a simple solution although a little annoyed it was so simple.

    Problem: IE8 would freeze when viewing an excel file in sharepoint.