Friday, April 8, 2011

SharePoint 2010: error "The administration service is running sl all administration jobs will be run in the timer service"

I had a solution that was stuck in the deploying state. When I looked at it, it had only deployed successfully on one the the front ends. To solve the problem, I ran stsadm execadmjobs. I have done this multiple times in 2007, but this time I got this message:
The administration service is running so all administration jobs will be run in the timer service.
The timer service is set to take care of all admin tasks, so it is telling you that the jobs will run when the timer service is good and ready to kick them off, but until then, just sit on your hands and wait.
Stop the admin service, then run the command to execute the admin jobs, then turn back on the admin service. These are the three powershell commands to do this:
  • net stop SPAdminV4
  • Start-SPAdminJob
  • net start SPAdminV4
The first command shuts off the admin service. The second command is the powershell equivalent to stsadm execadmjobs and the third one turns back on the admin service.

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