Thursday, December 10, 2009

IIS won't install on Windows Server 2003

  • Error message after failed install: "iis could not be installed on this server"
  • The configure your server.log is:
Configurations for an Application Server
IIS could not be installed on this server.
To install IIS, try running the Configure Your Server Wizard again, or use Add or Remove Programs.
  • When checking the iis6.log in the Windows directory this error appears:
OC_COMPLETE_INSTALLATION:iis_core:MyMessageBox: Title:IIS Setup Error, Msg:CoGetClassObject
0x80040154=Class not registered
  • When trying to connect to a server in the IIS Management Console, an error message saying that IIS needs to be version 4.0 or greater
  • Uninstall all versions of .net framework and service packs
  • Uninstall IIS through Add/Remove Programs
  • Reinstall IIS
  • Reinstall .net frameworks as needed
It looks like this is a .net error and removing the framework removes the error, then IIS can successfully install.

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